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Let’s Talk About Non-Violence

I made a commitment to non-violence in 2009, after surviving the coup that ousted Honduran then-president Manuel Zalaya. It wasn’t that singular event that persuaded me to commit to peace, but was rather a long series of events that culminated in a so called “moment of clarity.” AntecedentsMy spiritual heritage finds its roots in the…

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The Older Brother

This post is inspired by Erwin McManus’ sermon of 14 December, 2014.Have you ever felt like you are on the wrong side of a story? Like the things that happen to you should have happened to someone else, or that the things that happened to someone else should have happened to you?Have you ever watched…

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Let’s Talk About Tone

Over the past few months my social media channels have become more and more saturated with social debates on a broad range of topics. As I have sought to engage these topics effectively, I have become more and more combative in my engagements. This is not due to an intention but to a lack thereof.…

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