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Does God Care?

I ended my last post by wondering whether or not God cares about what we think of God. That question is important for me as I reflect on the theological training I’ve had and on the experiences my life has given me. It seems that so much unspeakable evil has been done in the service…

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Lumps of Clay and the Bottom

The longer I live the more I am amazed at the myriad ways of people finding God, peace, hope, faith. And I am even further amazed at the myriad ways of people losing God, peace, hope, faith. If I’m honest, it all creates a deep sadness that rests in the center of my chest, like…

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The Saturday Evening Post About Beer: Great White

It’s been forever since I’ve done a Saturday Evening Post About Beer, and for that I owe you all a sincere apology. This installation features my most recent go-to on a warm California evening: Lost Coast Brewery’s Great White.While it is true that I cut my teeth on IPAs, I’ve made a left turn from…

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