What Happens?

What happens when light is shone on the darkness?What happens to the shadows when they are revealed?What of the things done in darkness?What of the power of offense? What happens when sin is revealed?Does it change or do we?And which is redemption?Are the acts redeemed?Or the actors? I’ve often wondered what to make of the…

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Life has been, well, busy. And of course the first thing that takes the hit is this little blog here. But today I had to write out five rhyming prayers for a class, and I liked most of them so much that I have decided to post them here. Some are funny, some are sad.…

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“Still Darkness Waits”

An Old Poem: Like first fruits bornOf a barren wombEmpty I cameSo I was consumedThe dust drank upThe blood which calledFor the harvest of menFor long since the fall Still dreams persistLong past grey dawnThrough a chorus of soulsStill I stumble onBeneath watchful eyesSo deep and so wornLike the end of the ageThat sad, tired…

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