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Sin as “How”

I’ve written on this topic before, in “How vs What”, and would like to further explain how sin is truly a “how” equation instead of a “what”. I understand there to be a very limited number of “whats” in the realm of human experience. And I also understand all of those “whats” to be good.…

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Forms and Meanings

I am writing this during a time of musical worship led by great friends of mine. That is an important caveat for what is to follow.  I can’t connect to it. Why? Am I too far gone into some long suffering plot of doubt and questions? I don’t know. But here’s my best attempt at…

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“Still Darkness Waits”

An Old Poem: Like first fruits bornOf a barren wombEmpty I cameSo I was consumedThe dust drank upThe blood which calledFor the harvest of menFor long since the fall Still dreams persistLong past grey dawnThrough a chorus of soulsStill I stumble onBeneath watchful eyesSo deep and so wornLike the end of the ageThat sad, tired…

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