Life has been, well, busy. And of course the first thing that takes the hit is this little blog here. But today I had to write out five rhyming prayers for a class, and I liked most of them so much that I have decided to post them here. Some are funny, some are sad. Others my seem absurd but I  still like them, and I hope you do too!

Prayer of Thanks for Food:
By Your mercies we are fed
Our meat was led by pastures green
And grass to milk for them was weaned
From soil grew the tender sprouts
Whose roots abhor the leaning droughts
Their leafy tongues licked up the rain
While sunshine then drew forth the grain
And man who from the dust You formed
Worked her way to dusk from morn
From field to truck to grocer’s shelves
As we unwitting helped ourselves
Thank you for our daily bread.
Prayer for Travel: (Lament and Protection)
A single sorrow knows the road
Where feet and faith and tires ‘trode
A second father knows no son
And spirits meet us, everyone
So many terrors haunt these roads
So many kick against the goads
Protect us from the weaving one
Whose ringing phone the lane’s undone
Protect us from the fate we share
With those whose tires have worn bare
Protect us from the screeching stop
When some Ferrari lost her top
Protect our hearts from rage so fierce
When some soul’s middle finger rears
Protect our rears from unawareness
When tarmac burns like fiery furnace
And may You soon reveal new means
Of getting from point A to B.
Prayer While Making Coffee:
Thank you for this bean so brown
And for the energy it brings
May its affect not be frown
For at its savor my heart sings
Thank you for the water clear
And for current to make it hot
May we be mindful of its sear
And abuse the fluid not
Thank you for the charming smell
And mugs to hold the brew
May we remember those who sell
And those whose labors grew.
Prayer While in the Shower:
So far above the dirt You formed
I wash free from all its norms
And naked from the womb I came
Now beneath this flood the same
I’ve no more disguise from You
Than if a camera caught me nude
Forgive my wayward, wandering heart
Whose quiet murmurs drift apart
From Yours and all your beckoning
And friends who’ve had their reckoning
Forgive the way I hide my eyes
And humbly hide behind my pride
Remember me, so far removed
From all that I’ve begun to do
Remind my heart whose worth it finds
In You alone and Your design
For all that I intend to do
May it first begin with You

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