The Saturday Evening Post About Beer: Great White

It’s been forever since I’ve done a Saturday Evening Post About Beer, and for that I owe you all a sincere apology. This installation features my most recent go-to on a warm California evening: Lost Coast Brewery’s Great White.

While it is true that I cut my teeth on IPAs, I’ve made a left turn from there and generally headed into Belgian country. And while Great White isn’t necessarily a Belgian, its flavor profile appeals to those who are inclined towards them.

The case may be made that there is little extraordinary about Great White; it fulfills all the criteria of a Whitbeir, generally mild mannered-no irrational outbursts of hoppiness, no overly roasted barley sensations. In short, what sets Great White apart is its balance and easy drinkability. And I’m not talking about Budlight drinkability. I’m talking about nicely nuanced flavor that starts off tart and then transitions into a sweet effervescence. In between tart and effervescent is a savory Whitbeir flavor that walks the line between buttery Heffe and bittery Pilsner. The arroma, as other have noted, is mild. Not weak, but mild. A sort of gentlemanly strength that is confident enough to not flex his muscles every time a woman walks by. That kind of mild. The color is nice and yellow without being see through clear.

All in all, I give this one my unreserved stamp of approval. It’s not going to get a five star review, but when I’m not looking for champagne beer or feeling curious about something radical, Great White is a perfect every-day beer. And as Lost Coast expands, Great White is increasingly easy to come by!

Rating: ***1/2

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