The Saturday evening Post About Beer: Red Trolley Ale

Ever since I was introduced to this delicious amber ale it has been a constant source of desire for my beer drinking palate. Unfortunately, it is expensive ($10 a six pack on sale) and so I am constrained by my frugality from acquiring it more often.
However, that did not stop me last week, when a friend from out of town and I slipped on down to the local Von’s and purchased six of the little devils.
The aroma of ale is pleasant with a touch of sweet. The malt comes through in a nice, rounded and middling fashion. 
The color is true to form: Amber. Perhaps a little deeper than others.
The initial taste is hoppy, then transitioning into the malty savor I expect from an Amber Ale. The aftertaste is roasted hoppy without the bit of an IPA. Which I like.
There are some Amber’s that can be enjoyed straight from the bottle (such as Fat Tire). This is not one of them. Get yourself an ale glass to enjoy this one properly.
Currently one of my favorite Ambers on the market

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